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Hire The Nevada Gunfighters

Are you in need of a Lawman,Saloon Girls, Outlaws, Soiled Doves or Law Dawgs? Or are you looking for town folk? Do you want your own Old West town of Rimfire for a Shotgun Wedding or back drop?

Our troupe is here to help you bring your event to life! We have several different packages available to accommodate your event.

The Gunfighter Package:

The Gunfighter Package includes the gun- fighters, saloon girls, outlaws and law dawgs. Our rates start at $250.00 per day.This package does not include the town of Rimfire or the Rimfire Saloon. This package is actors, actresses and does not include any sets, props or sound.

The Rimfire Saloon Package:

The Rimfire Saloon Package includes the gunfighters, saloon girls, outlaws and lawdawgs and a small set called the Rimfire Saloon.This also includes a sound system with mic’d performers.This package starts at $350 per day and is perfect for the one day events! This package does not include the town of Rimfire.

The Town of Rimfire Package:

The Town of Rimfire Package is all of the above combined into one package. It includes the gun- fighters, saloon girls, outlaws, and lawdawgs.The full 70’ Town Front, sound and props.This package starts at $500 per day with a three day minimum. We also would need to be able to set up / tear down the day prior and the day after the event. This package is great for multi-day events like fairs and festivals.

We are certainly open to one day events. For The Town of Rimfire Package our rate of $1500 will ap- ply due to the size of the set and the sixteen total hours needed to set up and tear down the set.We will set up the set the day before and tear down the set the day after the event.

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Hire The Nevada gunfighters

join us!

Join The Nevada Gunfighters

Call’n all Cowboys, Cowgirls, Outlaws, Soiled Doves and Townsfolk!

Have you ever thought about reenactments? Or have you thought about educating children about firearm or gun safety or wanted to get involved in the communities which we all live in? Well Pardner this is the group for you!

The Nevada Gunfighters Theatrical Troupe
is headquartered in Carson City and has been performing in and around Northern Nevada and California for over 40 years. Our team comes from both near and far to entertain at fairs, parades, fes- tivals, dinners and events.The group is comprised of men, women and kids from time to time, the family is always welcome! Joining us is easy, just ask!

First and foremost – You have to love the Old West and want to have fun with a great group of people!

Our group is a theater performing group, or acting troupe, who travel to our different events and perform our skits and gun safety shows to people like yourselves. Many of us came out of the audience to be a part of this “reenacting” experi- ence. So what does this mean? We are Wild West Performers and we invite you to join us!

Contact us!

Sheriff John Blackburn


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